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I'm feeling all mushy and slightly drunk and filled with &hearts LOVE &hearts, and I generally don't do these sort of posts in my journal, but feel the burning need to do so tonight.

A happy birthday, my dears, to my dearest scrumbles.

Ben, Ben, Ben. It still blows me away how we're a part of each others' lives up here in the PNW, when we had known each other back in Phoenix. Our lives are so drastically different (and dare I say improved?) since those days. We've both grown so very much. I have been blessed to have you as a friend and a band mate. You're beyond talented in the world of music - I have never experienced your equal. I'm thankful beyond words that you allow me to be a part of your personal creation, your baby. I know that I've never been good at showing my affection and appreciation, or hell - at even communicating, but know that you mean the world to me.

You're extremely good people.

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