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This post is for master_revan and anyone else who would like to check'er out.

First of all, I was reading back on the Ice Storm of Oh Four, and had totally forgotten the news actually saying:

"we will be bringing you further coverage on the accident down on I-5, but FIRST, we take you to LIVE FOOTAGE of a frozen tree."

Oh, how I wish I would still have access to the video taken back then of a person walking down the street, losing their footing, and grabbing a pole, to swing around it several times before landing on their ass. Awesome.

here's the post I made with the pictures from Joel of the ice storm. Quite neat.

Home video of just how much we don't know how to drive in the snow.

Lillian Axe - Crucified
Lillian Axe - Deep Blue Shadows
(hair metal ahoy!)

Pictures from yesterday soon, I promise.

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