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It's an.... odd time.

So many posts that I have been concocting in my head over the last week. I must tell you my dream, for example, that had a random cast of stars. I want to tell you all about the lie I told the lady last night regarding the computer that I just may end up paying karma for. I want to tell you about my hilarious Spanish teacher and how I'm convinced that all my instructors hate me this quarter. I want to tell you how the quarter is going so far, otherwise.

But I'm sleepy. I'm all filled up with friendship love and chinese potluck, so instead, I shall plead with you all, once again, to fill out my text messaging poll. So many numbers that I still don't have.

I feel silly saying that my purse was stolen, because as it was stolen on the very first night that I was carrying a new purse, and since it was too small to fit my wallet, I feel like I'm parading around with the purse everyone's seen me carry for the last year plus my beat up wallet plus my bank card and i.d. The only thing that has changed is that I have a new phone, so I sheepishly think that people are thinking "Schyeah, right. Drama queen."

But yes. Gimme your digits. And if you have already done so and didn't get my mass text about the computers today (or heard from me recently at all), that means that I hadn't been able to get your numbers into my phone before the innernets died.

I'm still amazed, a bit, at how much my friends circle has changed since I stopped drinking. Well, not completely stopped drinking, just stopped going out into drinking settings. At least now, I don't (usually) feel socially awkward around the people I hang out with and that I need to drink heavily and FAST in order to feel humane and comfortable enough to hang.

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