Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

What's currently going through my head:

Was quite productive last night: Started the steps to refile for FAFSA for the next four quarters, did my taxes (though I think I did them totally wrong, but if so - woops.), filled out the paperwork to get the cat fixed, downloaded fingering charts for the flute, got the printer to work (which it did to only print out the flute fingerings, never to work again, but Yancey is giving me his old one that takes the same cartridges, woot.), practiced said flute, put more music onto my cell phone, and caught up on some eljay, all within about three or four hours. Not bad.

I had tossed only a few songs, originally, onto my cell phone as it's terribly difficult to deal with, compared to an mp3 player, which you can do via playlists. Therefore, all I really had on it was some songs by OK Go, Electric Doormat, October Project, and Death Cab. As much as I adore music from all three, I was about ready to cut them with a pitchfork, they had become so monotonous.

Feeling... odd today. Maybe I just need a nap.

Need to:

- cut these freaking nails
- dye my hair (I have bleach, red, and black dyes to dink with)
- finish my FAFSA
- study Spanish, Ear Training, and Piano for upcoming tests
- cut these freaking nails
- pee

Not that I'll accomplish all of that today because I'm feeling mighty apathetic.

wow, and thank you!

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