Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

My unshining moment of the evening...

I've been a bit worn down from working and schooling and othering a lot, but I did a silly, silly thing tonight:

I licked the sharp side of a knife.

In my defense, the knives are shaped... weirdly... and the edge that you would think would be sharp is really the dull side and vice versa. And there was PEANUT BUTTER on it.

My tongue hurts.

I get to sleep slightly in tomorrow. I am pleased.

I also got superbowl sunday off, which I have NO idea how I managed, as I'm not a sports fan at all (the Lakers are playing the Dodgers, right?) and hadn't requested it off. Ah, well. I told them today that I need my Sundays back because I'm going INSANE with the nonstop moving around and DOING. I need a veg day where I stay in my pajamas for the entire duration.

Oooh, I also managed a 108 out of 100 points for my music theory midterm, which was one of the highest scores. I KNOW, I was shocked, too. I guessed in a lot of parts, and I've always been a great guesser.... at multi choice questions, not an analyzation of a chunk of Beethoven meat. (Well, technically, it was 108 out of 120, but 20 points were extra credit.) If nothing else comes of this class, at least I will leave with a greater understanding and love of classical music. Some of it is just so PRETTY. Any suggestions of stuff I should check out?

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