Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I long to be flying low and free...

Dreamed that Sean Astin's marriage was in vicious turmoil and he called me for legal advice. I kept missing his calls, but finally saw him on the street corner, shrieking that his wife was trying to take everything from him that he held dear. I took his baby from him and looked down into her peaceful face while he composed himself. She was very beautiful, soft, and tiny... but started wailing shortly after I started holding her. (This usually happens IRL with babies I try to hold. I'm more of an animal person, meself - animals that hate everyone will love me, but kids freak me the hell out, and vice versa.)

Also dreamed that my brother and I were on an extremely tall, small boat, drifting down the river and sunbathing. (I avoid direct sunlight IRL. It freaks me out, too.) Anderson Cooper was on the bank waving hello excitedly to us, and my brother stretched like a cat and said "omg, I would SO love to sleep with him!" I roll over onto my stomach to allow the sun to warm the back of my legs and talked in some language I have never heard in response. (I have no idea what the words meant.)

Some Valentine's Days I get all mopey about being single yet ANOTHER year, but it's... been good this year. Although I'm not romantically involved with anyone, I'm surrounded by people that care for me and that I love dearly in return.

Life is good.


For those of you who are For the Horde, what servers do you play on?
Tags: dreams, holidays, warcraft

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