Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I feel like I'm at least five of the seven dwarves today...

Weird dreams AGAIN last night. I was discovered to have an X-gene in me somehow, but they didn't know how it would manifest, so some others and I were kidnapped and put into a facility until our mutant powers showed. I discovered totally on accident that my power was what I called "Boobie Taunt", though it was more of a "Boobie Mez". If someone saw my nipples and I raised my hands over my head and shoved the air in their direction, they were mezzed for a full five minutes, resulting in being able to take things or do things, or in my case, escape. I took two girls with me, my shirt shoved down to my waist as I ran through the hallways, shoving air at anyone I came across.

After we escaped, I realized that I couldn't endanger my family members and I didn't want to use my ability to defend them (I SO didn't want my brother to see me flash my boobs around) so I grabbed one thing that they probably wouldn't miss (the first piece of clothing I ever wore - a lace-trimmed yellow dress) and ran. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything that would allow me to flash easily, so I got captured fairly early on by a mob boss. I realized that I could still escape if I let him think I would give him a blow job, and then I could mez my way onto a Greyhound bus and start a new life up in Woodland.


All I've wanted to do this week is sleep.... and I have. SRSLY, like twelve hours a night. I'm also in this weird limbo where I can't tell if it's my allergies killing me or if I'm sick. It sucks either way.
Tags: dreams

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