Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

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Odd dreams again last night, but not nearly as much as the nights before...

It all started with a Jellyfish coloring book. I was so excited to be able to color in the life and times of Jellyfish, and the book detailed how the band members met and what they did after they broke up. It then turned out that Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (aka my keyboarding HERO) was staying with me for awhile. He and his friends got back from a gig and were bringing his drum kit in and I goofedly remarked "I tried to play drums once." His friend handed me one of Roger's Jack Daniel beers (which tasted like a thick jack and coke) [though i originally typed "jack and cock"... heh.], and I felt guilty for drinking his alcohol.

Later, it turned out I was staying with him, not the other way around. He was hosting some sort of reality t.v. show there and we had to putt a golf ball in a hole as we answered trivia questions about Jellyfish or Imperial Drag. He thought I was a "good kid", so when it came to my turn, the question he asked me was "blue." I fumbled with the ball and sputtered out something like "the... color.... of the.. pants.. that you were wearing... on stage... in that video.. that one time." It wasn't overly correct, but he let me by, anyway.


In other music related news, new Electric Doormat live pictures up at our MySpace!

I also think I officially have a cold. I just wish that whenever this happened, I wouldn't lose hearing in my left ear. Stupid eustachian tube.

Also forgot to mention that I managed to BLISTER the roof of my mouth, thanks to a bite of lava chimichanga that literally ADHERED to it. It hurts to eat or drink anything at all, but I think it feels a tad better today than it did yesterday.

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