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No, no one makes the rules. Why would anyone want to take responsibility?

"It looks like somebody's throwing themselves a rapture party!"
"No, no, no, Flanders. It's a gay witches for abortion meeting, you wouldn't be interested."

"That sucks!"
"Where did you get that kind of language?"
"It's the suckiest suck that ever sucked a suck. Gotta go, Moe, my wiener kids are listening."

"You su-ditilly-uck, Flanders."


Nothing to report, really. Two and a half weeks left of school, give or take. I turn 32 in three and a half weeks. I got to clean handfuls (literally) of poop off of every. single. one. of the seats in the women's bathroom at work. Still reading (and addicted to) those cheesy Anita Blake novels. Playing WoW with soulresilience and idioscosmos. (You really should come play with us.) Was nice to an odd guy on the bus and he stalked me all around my college until I ran into Nathan, who is six foot six and scruffy and pretended to be my boyfriend. I got to help Captain Kirk (store manager) paint the office a garish pepto bismol green. (I hadn't believed that there was such a color, but that's the only way to describe it.) I need to practice my ear training. Bacci is finally out of heat, but there's a slight chance she is pregnant. Different members of management keep saying the exact words "just between you and me..." to me, leading me to believe I know an awful lot that I'm not supposed to (that OfficeMax may move, that Steve Hemplemann is leaving for IKEA, that the district manager can't stand certain people that I can't stand but that are held on a pedestal by higher management in the store.) My brother bought me City of Villains on clearance for $4. I ate pizza today. I have a horrible headache.

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