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In thinking of mortality lately, I wanted to do research as to exactly why each of my grandparents passed. I lost my last biological grandparent when I was eight.

My mother's mother died of colon cancer when my my mother was 22. (Three years before I was born.)
My mother's father died of complications of diabetes when I was almost six. (Amputation followed by toxicity or something like that.)
My father's mother died of heart failure when I was four. (She went in for a skin graft over severe leg ulcers much like the ones my mother has now.)
My father's father died of heart failure when I was eight. (Sudden.)

I don't believe any of them lived past seventy. I need to find out the ages, methinks. Funny that I know almost nothing about my grandparents, other than my Grandma Wilcox never smiled, both my grandpas were alcoholics, and my Grandma Keating made homemade ketchup.

As my parents stand now, both are surviving. I know my father has had issues with cancer years ago, but beyond that, he's extremely close-mouthed about his health. (The cancer I found out over a year after the fact.) My mother.....? Well... extremely high blood pressure, conjestive heart failure, extremely awful diabetes, troubles to the extremeties because of diabetes (ulcers, lack of feeling). Coupled with the fact that she takes fistfuls of medication, eats everything under the sun/moon/stars, and had decades of extreme drug abuse, it's a wonder she's still around. (Though she's miserable and feels her life is beyond over at 56.) My father drinks a lot, I believe, and will be 70 in May. (I haven't been around him in YEARS to see if this is still true...) Jess's dad has had two or three heart attacks in the last couple of years and will be having bipass surgery soon, and is now also an extreme meth-head.

Looking at my family history, I really really really should become a healthier individual so that I can thwart of the imminent diabetes and heart issues. I don't smoke (cigarettes or other). I almost never drink alcohol. I quit drinking most caffeine (I still have tea on occasion, but it's so little caffeine that I don't get headaches anymore if I don't have it.) and have cut a lot of sugar out of my diet, but I've been still having heart issues. Frequently and mostly at night, my heart will feel like it flops over in my chest and then will pound crazily for awhile. If I go to bed full or after eating something rich (i.e. pizza), my heart will pound so hard that I can see it through my chest.

I just hate that health care up here sucks donkey doo. I have had coverage for all of two months in the entire four years I've lived here. The free clinics generally won't do much for you other than prescribe antibiotics and ibuprofin as needed. Maybe I'll get off me arse soon and see what else I can do if it doesn't change.
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