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Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care...

I felt ill all last night - scratchy voice and sore throat, not to mention sinus pressure from hades - and woke up a hair's breadth from Hades. I was pleased to see that both roommates were gone when I got up and tried to practice for the audition....

Wow. The noises that were coming out of my mouth resembled nothing remotely close to music.

Showed up for the interview, confident in the fact it wouldn't take more than five minutes - I would go in, croak out the Star Spangled Banner (for lack of any other idea of what the hell to do), stand judgement, and leave.

It was fantastic. I've heard nothing but RAVE reviews about the instructor, April Duvic. She had me do some warm up exercises in order to ascertain my vocal range. Apparently, I have a VERY wide range. Who knew? She all but begged me to sign up to be in the women's ensemble next quarter because she desperately needs more altos. She said that if I sign up for either her ensemble or the Clark College choir, the instructors (her and Trousdale, respectively) will pay a stipend. The benefit of Trousdale's class is that "he's BRILLIANT... off his rocker, but brilliant." (I already knew this. Hee.), he pays more of a stipend (considerably more, apparently), and there will be BOYS to sing with. Hers has a lot more training involved and more of a one-on-one type training, less of a stipend, but I would be able to get more out of the class all together, methinks.

She said that I have fantastic potential to have a deliciously classical voice and that she would love to teach me. I'm currently on a waiting list behind about six or so people, and the students currently in her training get first crack at the open spots; however, because I'm enrolled in music theory/ear training, that boosts me up considerably (and I was the only one on the waiting list whose telephone number she obtained.)

If I get approved for the class, I have to learn a song in English or Italian to put in front of a JURY (which will consist of all the music teachers - Duvic, Trousdale, Appert, etc.) and perform. They will then pass judgment as to whether or not I pass the class and can move onto the next section. No pressure.

I learned a lot in that little twenty minute session - she helped me with stance, singing posture, etc. I was reminded that I desperately need work on my breathing technique and rhythm.

I get to sign up for classes tomorrow, so more of an update when that happens.

My throat is really killing me now, though I feel it's been exercised properly... plus, I'm sick. I love drowning in phlegm. Tasty, and thick enough to spread on toast.
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