Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i wake up this morning to discover that i started my period. greeeat. i hop on the scale, and sure enough, my monthly 5 lbs of water weight gain has hopped on my hips practically overnight. today will be my cramping day. give me about a half hour to an hour, and although i've already drugged myself to the hilt with pamprin and women's motrin and mock-Excedrin's, i'll be bent over my desk, almost in tears. i'm out of pads. *cries* i'm also highly irritated at everyone and everything.

and not looking forward to the cd release party today.

since i get off work, they want me to show up early and greet all the guests that arrive early, and did i remember to spread the word to my coworkers, so that they'll arrive and show their support? *sigh* i still need to 'get ready'. i thought i looked fine, but now, due to bloat, i feel like my ass has expanded to twice it's size, while my breats are heavy water balloons with a mind of their own.

gah. maybe i'll change. i have to go home and do the 'makeup' thing, so i look presentable, though i'm sure that i look little like my photo on the posters - red hair, contacts, compared to my black hair and glasses. *shrug*

today is going to prove to be an interesting day.

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