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All I need's a starting place...

Here's a fabulous birthday present that one of you can give me for my birthday:

Would one of you like to create my wiki profile? Make me famous!

Daylight Savings Time tonight, which sucks, as I have to be to work quite early tomorrow. Not as early as some people (coughDanielahem)

Manager Steve's last day was Wednesday. We shall miss him. Captain Kirk keeps throwing a three ring circus regarding who will be the replacement, as well as pitting coworkers against each other, making each one of them believe they've all but signed the papers.

Boy at Jack in the Box said he thought I was MAYBE twenty-six, as he picked his jaw off the counter after I told him I'll be 32 a week from Monday.

Still don't know if I want to do anything for my birthday. I just know I have an eight day in a row working stretch, plus two days of finals, then I get four whole days off of everything. Schweet. Note to self: rearrange the livingroom and pay Char the $125 for the couch and chair. Practice Solfeggio for Monday's make up exam and for Thursday's final. Get Life in gear.

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