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Some things don't need a payback...

+ Received a notice from apartment management that they're coming in our apartment tomorrow to clean the dryer vent. Thusly, we're having a cleaning party until the wee hours of the morning.

+ Learning how to type with my new ergonomic keyboard. Now that I'm finally getting the spacebar down, it's become much easier.

+ Was told to "shut the fuck up, you fat-assed bitch" by a customer that was unhappy with our faxing prices (she sent 9 sheets at $1.50 per page, long distance, came to $14 something with tax.) I smiled sweetly and said that I don't make the prices, sorry. She muttered it under her breath, and I almost asked dimly "I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't hear you?" (I love playing the ditz occasionally when it serves my purpose and have done this to customers before in situtations like this) but realized that it would be best if she just left.

+ Received a WONDERFULly well thought out gift by idioscosmos in the mail today for my birthday - a space heater. Apparently, the roommates had also been discussing the possible future purchase of one for me so I wouldn't run the big heater downstairs. Because Mr. Cosmos also logged into WoW less than two minutes before the UPS driver knocked on my door with my gift and thusly got to witness my opening it, in a way, I have come to believe that he reads minds.

+ My brother and I never fight - except when it comes to cleaning or money. I think we're already about to throttle each other. I'm certain that the fact that I'm updating my journal and not actively CLEANING may have something to do with it. My allergies are about to be on the fritz from all the dust kicked up. Maybe we should dust more.

+ Did reasonably well on my sightsinging make up exam and now just have the finals left. Didn't get approved for private voice lessons (she said she was full, but she acted as if she had discussed me with my music theory/ear training teacher and realize I never show to class and never practice. I shall get better.) but did get approved for the women's ensemble. Now, just to pass this quarter so I can DO the women's choir.

+ Still don't know if I want to do anything for my birthday, other than the traditional Taste of Asia buffet on Monday. Any interest in attending, lemme know.

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