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That's a real step, and that takes courage!

Mom! My brother dropped his bike on my head!!!

It's true. I know you're wondering just HOW a bike landed on my forehead. I know I would be. I was lying on the floor, you see, because my back was hurting. Jess gets home and parks his bike next to me and walks off. I turn to Bacci to pet her as she's sneaking up to me, curious as to why I'm suddenly shorter than she is. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to look and - BAM! the bike lands on me, the handlebars thwacking me in the forehead. I already had an awful headache before the event. Luckily, I only received a slight goose egg and some slight brusing, but two days later and it still hurts.

Got back from school a few minutes ago after finishing up my Music Theory final exam. I think I did aiight. I'm certain I passed, just not sure how far above passing I'll be. I got back my ear training final from yesterday and received a 74%. I had a feeling I ROCKED the first two sections (rhythmic dictation - he plays a tune and you write down the note incriments for the four measures in each question, and intervals), and I did - only one was missed. The next two sections (melodic dictation - plays a song and I write the music, and harmonic dictation - plays chords and I put down if they're a I, ii, or V chord) sucked hardcore - almost nothing correct. I think what saved me is that he scored me 18 out of 20 on my sight singing, although I felt I did horrid on it.

Thank you, Dr. Appert.

Thank you, unknown person for the EXTREMELY random birthday gift I got in the mail yesterday: A Deanna Troi action figure from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The most random gift I have gotten just about ever, but thank you. It's awesome.

Still way out of it on Dayquil. I think the cold is over, but I'm now suffering from seasonal allergies. The fact that the tree outside my bedroom has morphed into a giant flower doesn't help, I'm certain.

Bad dreams, as always - my room was infested with spiders and encased in a trillion webs. The spiders were giant and black. I remember waking up inside the dream at one point, in a panic because I had actually slept at my desk inside the infested room. The entire dream was spent in a massive terror and with stomach roiling from disgust.

Woke up IRL to find the first big black hunting spider of the season, too high in my bedroom to reach.

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