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I just peeked in the secret way that we have to check out grades before they're officially posted, and not only did I PASS both classes, but I got BEEEEES! One was a B, one a B-, but I can't remember which as I was too excited to see that I actually get to go back next quarter.

Thank you again, Dr. Appert.

Good thing I adore him, as three out of my four classes are with him next quarter. Part of me is wondering if I should do something other than theory/ear training, as I seemed to drag my feet and dread it all this last quarter, but OH, the things I will learn!

Went to Hannah Banana's wedding last night, it was beautiful. I thought her head would explode, she was glowing so much! Took pictures (including me in a tie, as it was, afterall, a formal occasion) to post in here. Also a video of two gay guys dancing in a sea of women, if they will allow me to post it >:) Loved hanging out with Andrea, I've missed her so.

No plans today, which is lovely. Whomever wants to attend is invited to Taste of Asia tomorrow, say... around five or so. Let me know if you're interested so I can make reservations this time and won't have to see the look of horror cross their face when a giant group of us comes in unannounced.

Band reminder: We're playing the Roseland on April 28th, and have a Battle of the Bands at RNR Pizza on May 11th. Please do come.
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