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Dadada love your hair! Dadada lend me a ten!

oooOOOOooo, late April/May will be a GOOD TIME for concerts in the Portland area:

April 27 - SLOAN!!!!! @ The Doug Fir
April 28 - ELECTRIC DOORMAT!!!! @ The Roseland
May 7 - NICKEL CREEK!!!! with JON BRION!! @ The Roseland
May 11 - ELECTRIC DOORMAT!!! @ RNR Pizza (Battle of the BANNNNDZ.)
May 19 - DEATH CAB!!!! @ The Roseland

Hee hee, I love that we get to play the same venue, so I had to put us in there....

I know I sound like a broken-ed record when I say this, but PUHLEEEZE come to our Roseland show on the 28th of April. The show is costing us a gajillion dollars to play, otherwise we would just give the tickets out like last time. (We just want to make a BIT of the moula back!) Tickets are $12 a piece, and can you REALLY put a price on good music and fantastic fun? ;)

Also new Doormat songs our myspace!!
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