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What condition my condition was in...

Okay, so I don't know if any of you remember my thanking some random unknown person for sending me a Troi action figure that I received around my birthday. I had assumed that it was a birthday gift, but had ZERO idea as to who I got it from or why they picked a Star Trek doll, as I never once mentioned being a Trekky in any of my posts (because, well.. I'm not. I mean, I like the show and wouldn't mind watching all of them some day, but I'm not a die hard fan at all.)

Anywell, I discovered via reading my friends list that I received it because I had signed up for some contest on the free stuff community, and apparently, I won. Nifty. It's a neat looking doll (sorry, ACTION FIGURE) and I like owning really random things.

I come home this evening to find a package from the same company, Diamond Toys. (Truth be told, when I received the first one, because it was in a non descript padded envelope, said DIAMOND TOYS on it, and due to the shape and weight, I was quite convinced that someone had sent me a vibrator for my birthday. Oh, darn.) I open it up and YAY! I am now the proud owner of a Jack O'Neill action figure! Stargate is SO much more up my alley. Sort of sad that it wasn't a Daniel Jackson doll, but I'll take what I can get. Actually, a Daniel doll might creep me out.


We had a CLOWN come shopping today. Full clown rainbow regalia. I couldn't even look at her and instead of ringing her up like I should have, I had to ... well, I ran away, avoiding all eye contact. My coulrophobia hath grown intensely since I saw a clown in person last. SRSLY. I, naturally, thought of talkingpotato the whole time she was there. She ended up throwing a fit about something or some rather and was at the register for a VERY long time. I thanked mah lucky stars that I hadn't offered to ring her up, because I would have been forced to stand arms length from one of my biggest fears for over ten minutes. At this point, I realized that yes, I WOULD much rather be covered in spiders than to hug a clown.

Also discovered today that one of my ex coworkers is in jail for sleeping with a 13 year old.


Apr. 18th, 2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
The previous roommates left their poetry magnetic word kit thingies on the fridge, and I arranged one to read "I have angry clown hate".

I keep meaning to take a picture of our fridge. Maybe I will one day.

Meaning to because someone on my friends list awhile back had posted for everyone to do so, and it seemed like fun.


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