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follow me, thinking i can turn a frown into a smile

Ha, I totally forgot about The Shazam. Silly me.

Happy belated birthday to the rockingest of rockings, Mr. Adam, speaking of ;)

Dreamed last night that I got to be in a video for Jellyfish's "Brighter Day", which involved dressing up in circus regalia and lots of ringleader tuxes and marching gallantly out in the middle of the desert with elephants. I wanted to tell Andy Sturmer I got to be in it, as he was sleeping at my house, but it turned out to be Stevie Blaze instead. I felt bad because my alarm clock kept waking him up from the other room.

I think it's funny that I keep having dreams about various Jellyfish members staying at my house. I can now add Andy Sturmer to the list along with Jason Falkner and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. In searching for pictures of each of them, I found this endearing piece which I turned into an icon.

I also wanted to share this song with you for awhile, old classic Electric Doormat, from the first album, Go Karts of Ft. Wayne.

Electric Doormat - 12:34

Wake up
The light's too bright
It's hard to turn my face up
And I can't even move my mouth to say
"I forgot the line"
Excuse me, do you have the time?

I've seen it once too many times before
and I can't face it anymore
Demolished by 12:34

The minutes there before me now are frozen
The tongue gets stuck before a word is spoken
And in a sheer display of will
Just like I said I won't go down until 12:34

It used to be so easy to ignore
Before it threw me to the floor
Made me repeat: 12:34
It used to be so easy to ignore

Trying to keep from going numb
Freezing in the glare of the sun
Trying to keep from going numb

Tired of this sequence of digits
Tired of this sequence of events
Tired of this series of motions
And all this time spent sitting down
The time that I've been killing's killing me
So if we're done here now,
Can we proceed?

Again, recorded by the beautiful and beautifully talented scrumbles, circa 2004.

And don't forget our Roseland show, April 28th!

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