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So you wanted to take a break...

Listening to Ben Folds, as crushdmb showed me the BRILLIANCE of him last night, thankyouverymuch.

Was also dared to take a picture of myself lovingly licking my morning coffee, so I did:

The first picture was actually:

until i realized I was making my Awful Face because my mug tasts funny.

I also wanted to share my eye color with you:

as unmolested by anymakeup, as I rarely wear it anymore. Hell, as seen from the second picture, I haven't even corrected my morning 'fro, so there you are.

The reasoning behind posting my eyecolor, really, is it seems it's changing as I age. My eyes used to be a pretty pure brown and still seem that way from a distance, but as I get older, more and more dark green appears, as seen around the edges. Could this mean that my eye color is now hazel?

I need to pee.

Going to mom's today, if I haven't mentioned that already. Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate. I hadn't realized just how UNreligious I am anymore until today and all its "festivities". I mean, I believe in God and such, as you long time readers will have read about before, but I see myself as more "spiritual" than "religious".
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