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I'll see you when we're older, consider it a race.

~ I have decided to become a vegetarian, which will happen about the first of the month, if not before.

~ I accidentally slept until 11:15 this morning, which conflicts with school as my last class ends at 11. Oops. In my defense, I could NOT fall asleep until almost 5 a.m., though I went to bed around 10:30 or so. Ugh, frustrating. Now I'm up and feel like I have an impending caffeine headache for waiting so long to get some in me. That's what I get for starting to drink coffee again. Grr.

~ Will be visiting mom today in the hospital. This is ending up a giant rigamarole which has left me quite grumpy. Maybe I need more caffeine. Everyone is all ready to go, there's a lot of walking involved, I still need to finish my breakfast, get my contacts in, put shoes on, deal with this AFRO. Ugh. Thankful to faetal for making it possible, though, I'm sure mom will appreciate it.

~ Mom is thinking about nixing the idea of the nursing home until she's better - because she misses her cat. I asked if she would get better if she went home, or if she would fall into the same routines. "Well, I could work really hard." .... "....." is all I really have to say to that.

~ Wow, I'm a Negative Nancy today, and for that, I apologize. A serious case of the Mondays, apparently.

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