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all i can say is too much, too little, too late...

today is gonna be a long day, i can tell already.


came home from band practice, dinked around with a couple of songs (we're trying to find some stuff to add to our stuff to make at least an hour of acoustical material, so i raided my jellyfish cds again), read for awhile....

i couldn't for the life of me fall asleep until almost 1.

my alarm goes off at 345 am.

i am already becoming one with my coffee mug. it's only 23 min. into my shift, and i'm already preparing for yet another jaunt to the corporate kitchen.

i walked down the wrong hall on my way to clock in, then looked up, and was puzzled why everything looked so different....


oh, and on the same note, but having nothing to do with my styrofoam headedness, i flushed my hair clip down the toilet.

not on purpose, you ninnies.

on sunday, i was already in a pissy mood, was pottying, finished my business, stood up, pulled up the pants, turned around and flushed, then turned to the sink (i have a bathroom the size of a matchbox car, obviously), reached back for my clip and squeezed. the clip popped open between my fingers, then made a beeline for the toilet..... right as the water was making its final descent. i reached towards it, my voice sounding like a horror movie, low pitched slowmo 'nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo', hoping that it was too large to go down.

my toilet went "slurp! yum!"

my hair clip was no more.

i cursed with many many colorful words as i stomped from the bathroom that day.

uh. i'm hoping this doesn't cause plumbing problems in the near future.
Tags: aubreyisms, caffeine

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