Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I don't know why sometimes I get frightened

MMmmmmm, PMDD is rearing its ugly head again. I am once again filled with dispair, anger, self-loathing, hatred.... pick any dark mood, and I'm it, boy howdee.

Have an appointment to get Bacci (pronounded: Botch-ee) fixed. May 15th, 830 am, somewhere in Hazel Dell. I am looking for some kind soul to drive us, and then the next day to pick her up. It's a Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Would $20 and breakfast cover it? Oh, and since it is through JAWS and is a low income program, yanno how much it will cost me? $12.50. Wow.

I'm sure she'll be ECSTATIC, especially when she comes home shaved and hallucinating.

Aaah, I remember nights like that ;)

Did a million loads of dishes yesterday, but the kitchen is still trashed. Need to do laundry, but there's no soap. I need to get one helluva pile of ink out of my trousers.

'Splanation: On Sunday, I walked past the ink refill station at work, and saw paper towels all over the floor. I ask James what happened. He shrugs and replies "I think someone left a cartridge out and it leaked." Upon closer inspection, approximately a GALLON of ink waste had overflown all over the inside of the machine and around the base. I spent FOUR HOURS on hands and knees and in general plumber positions cleaning it up. It would have been less, but after I finally got the majority cleaned up, Roxana and I went to move the machine out so that we could get to all the liquid in the back... resulting in every single one of the tubs of RAW ink sloshing all over the place. Yes, yes, in retrospect, it was an "ER DUH" situation. So, thusly, my cleaning task started over completely, only with raw, vibrant, staining ink, instead of the black water-soluable + water waste solution.

After turning two wonderful people down for spending the afternoons with them, I never finished my paper on the dead french composer, Ravel. Maybe I can still pull one out of me arse, but I... don't have an up and running printer. Totally bit myself in the ass on THAT one. Thusly, a letter grade will be lost, plus the letter grade lost because of missing more than five days. Best pick up my test grades, then, if I want to pass.

Mom got transfered from the hospital to a nursing home, if I hadn't stated it already, out in Camas. Every time I try to call her, there's no answer, making me think that Jess gave me the wrong number.

And, for the record, I LIKED Blake's rendition last night, so THERE. I also feel a bit less.. dirty... thinking thoughts about him now that I know he's 25 or so, and not as young as he looks. *cough*

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