Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I had a dream of epic proportions!

Dreamed that I was living in the last days of Pompeii.

It was a modern version of Pompeii, with the old Roman clothing and such, but with vehicles and electricity, etc. I had come back from the future, so I knew the exact time of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and tried to warn people. The only people that believed me were my brother and Daniel, Daffy Duck (who was really Donald Duck in disguise), and an old trucker woman.

We fashioned a boat out of saran wrap and old raincoats to carry us and our beat up red 60's model pickup truck across the first leg of our trip, which was all water. I was a princess, you see, and many people said that I was insane. I had to shut my trap about the oncomong eruption, or would be locked up and held there during the eruption. So I snuck out.

As our boat hit the other side of this lagoon, I saw the eruption begin. I heard the screams of people and saw many boats hurriedly set sail. I knew that most of them wouldn't make it, as they didn't leave early enough to avoid the heavy traffic.

When we hit land, we broke out the old truck and started driving. There was no humanity everywhere, almost as if anyone who hadn't believed that Vesuvius would erupt were automatically eradicated. Along the way, anyone who didn't agree with me would disappear: we lost Daniel and then Jessie, but picked up Nelson Muntz and one of his bully friends.

Along the way, we stopped at an old house with a giant tennis court behind it. A woman with red curly hair (that reminded me of Jess's friend Ronnie) appeared and was half crazed at everyone disappearing, but gave us bandages and helped us escape from the Evil Police that had risen from the ashes of society, bent on distroying anyone that was slightly different than them. (Being a princess, I was also a danger to their ruling class.)

Eventually, we picked up a lot of people on the way and accidentally drove down this snow-covered road to land at a motorcycle factory. (My dream had taken very much of a The Stand turn at this point, good vs. evil, but evil was winning.) We started combing the employee area for supplies, as there were things we hadn't thought about yet: that the electricity would eventually go out, that we would need food and water, etc. I found a mini jackpot when I came across a couple dozen swiss army knives in fashionable colors at the register! (I knew the blondes we picked up would SO love the pink ones, but I think I wanted blue.) I came across a lot of rotted food, as a noise alerted me that the bad guys had arrived, had followed our tracks in the snow.

We all ran to hide. I jumped over a fence and fell face down on the ground. I was going to scurry away, but knew that they were so close that if we moved, they would hear us, so I sat there and waited for discovery.

They discovered me right as I woke up IRL.

I remember throughout the last half of my dream, I kept finding places to pee, because I had to go soooo badly. I would pee, then get up and start doing whatever again, then have to pee again, omg. What woke me up was a painful bladder because I had to pee extreeeeemely badly IRL.

I fell back asleep and was a queen of pleasure of sorts. I won't go into details, but will say that my subjects had to compete for my happiness.

Tags: dreams

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