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She doesn't look like she'd be so much fun, because she's beautiful, but she's FUN!

I was looking forward to sleeping in today, but was woken up around 9 am by a howling cat clawing the hell out of my door to get to me.

Apparently, she had an OMGBURNINGNEED to have me watch her eat. Didn't want to be held, didn't want to be petted. Had food in her bowl, but when I got up, she raced in the bathroom and started inhaling her kibble, purring with her entire soul.

After she ate, she has completely ignored me the rest of the morning. If I go into the kitchen, she'll follow me and loiter around the corner, but beyond that...

Enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, gardenburger morning sausages, and strawberries, which are SO in season. I bought them a month or so ago, and they were extremely tart. Now? Tastes as if I smothered them in sugar.


And yanno? I've never eaten a S'More in my life. Not fair.
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