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I played along and I am trapped here, too.

Happy birthday, Gwyn!

Today was Day Four of the Bacci Howling Incident.


Day Two, she mowed outside my door again around 7 am, but gave up and started again around 9 am.
Day Three, she started mewing loudly (and relentlessly) at 7 am.
Day Four, she started at FOUR AY-EM. The little jerk.


This isn't just incessant, LOUD mewling outside my door. She also scratches endlessly at the door jamb, and does this thing that I once thought was adorable: she lays down and puts her arm under the door and rattles it in its frame. This was cute, you see, when I was awake and watching the furry little paw stick itself under the door. This is NOT even remotely adorable when it's 4 am and she is SLAMMING the door back and forth in its frame.

I had thought of sleeping with the door cracked last night. She came in and started doing this other uncute thing where.... she likes to burrow, you see. Some days, I'll take a nap and she'll sleep under the covers with me, along my legs. However, if she can't get access, or can't figure out HOW to get access, she digs. A cat digging through a comforter is a weird, rhythmic, severe claw-sharpening sound. Ten minutes of me trying to get her to stop... and out she went.


In my bitterness, whenever she is happily sleeping today, I wake her up in the most annoying way I know how at that particular moment.

This, combined with a car alarm that went off almost constantly since midnight last night, makes for a very sleepy Aubrey.

Oh, and I still need to take her down to the vet sometime over the next two or three days to get her stitches removed. Any takers for a driver?


May. 29th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
Id agree with two things which friends have used...old pillow between door and a child gate...nice and tight from the inside, just prepare to lose the pillow to chew and scratching.

It worked and weaned them off off the rattledoor syndrome. Or put them in the bathroom at night, depends where food and litterboxes are.

good luck.



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