Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

We get to the root of the problem, in a fun, caring environment!

Woke up with a confusion as to what day it was: is it Thursday or Friday?

Thankfully, this mystery has been solved.

Picked up my schedule for next week at work yesterday. I'm full time, woo!! 38 hours, most of the days starting at 6 or 4 a.m. This doesn't bother me a bit, EXCEPT that one of the 4 a.m. shifts is immediately after a closing until 10 p.m. shift. I shall point this out to them when I go back on Saturday, and see if the really hate me, or just didn't notice. But I'll be working with Ted and Yancey, two of my favoritest coworkers, and a lot of the hours will be when we're closed, so no customers! I'll also be quite busy with freight and other stuff, so I'll definitely get more exercise this way, too. I'm just confused, as the lady who's spot I'm taking is only working the days that I'm off, so.... who's gunna train me, yo?

My tummy hurts.

I thanked the store manager for the promotion, and he thanked me for my hard work in response. He also said that as much as he loves the person who's spot I'm taking, that he knows that most people can do her job in less than half the time it takes her, so to keep that in mind when she's training me.

And I have a desk now! And the back room will be known as Aubrey's Dungeon! And now I get to be the one that bitches royally when people ditch things on the back desk! And I get keys to the back lock up!

Capt. Kirk said that he is interested in getting me more money, but has no idea how much yet, as he hasn't had a chance to look at my file to see what I make now and what they'll be willing to give me. I am HOPING for maybe $1 more an hour, but.... yeah. I think that's a bit high of a request for retail.

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