Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I guess selling candy isn't so bad.

What I listened to on my walk home from work today:

I refuse to allow myself to watch this video too often, less it's magic go away. I love how the drummer (the guy in the reddish vest) is grinning through half of the dance, and counting in the other. I also love that the lead singer (actually, the tallest guy in the blue shirt)'s sister is who choreographed the dance. It's good to have connections.

I've been a fan since I was eleven or twelve - they are what made me want to become a rock star when I grew up. Cheesy, it's true. I thought that Vicki Peterson was thee bestest, coolest, most wonderfullest songwriter. Them, and the Beastie Boys. ;)

This album accompanied me through one of thee most difficult times in my life. I remember that I was totally in love with the lead singer's voice for oh so long, thinking it was so clear and precise, so to speak, even though he smokes like a chimney. Saw him live once, opening for the Goo Goo Dolls, in his later band, The Gas Giants. It was meh.

Billy Joel - The Longest Time (Bad quality, but it's the best of the two that are on there, at least the words synch up with the video.) This sounds LOVELY in headphones. I must admit that the older I get, the sexier Billy Joel's voice becomes to me. Mrowr.

Another of my favoritest bands of all time, in all their cheesy glory.

The last one inspired me to look up this:

.. as it features ex Jellyfish keyboardist Roger Manning on... not keyboards. (He's on the left in the cape.) I heart him. He was the one in the previous video with dreadlocks and the matching pants and umbrella.

In playing the radio while at work, I have noticed that both Beck and The White Stripes are very good for productivity. For some reason, they're LOVING to play "Where It's At" (singit with me "I GOT TWO TURNTABLES AND A MICROPHOOOOONE!!") recently. I always think of Futurama when I hear that song. It also reminds me that I somehow got a LOT of his cds along the way, though the only one I remember actually purchasing was Midnight Vultures. Anyhoo, the only time I've listened to him is when I cleaned - he's excellent background cleaning music, he is.

Slept ten hours yesterday (!!!!), though half of it was compounded by dreams where I was constantly frustrated because I was blindfolded. My sleepy masky thingie, since it hasn't stretched yet, is kind of tight on the eyes, and thusly incorporated itself into my dream. I remember a kind of cool part, though, where I was able to use my mind's eye in order to walk to the store, otherwise blind, across streets and stuff, I had to rely only on what I felt I saw through the third eye.

And this is for you.

Huh, and it turns out that it's Fergie in there. Who-da thunk it?

And thank you, my dearest kateri_kachina, for all of my pretty new icons!!

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