Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Copied totally from the ever-lovely Larrissa, regarding my ex band (but still beloved) Electric Doormat (now known as The Mercury Tree):

it would be wonderful to see you
OH FRIENDS, i meant to tell you tomorrow (now tonight)
THE MERCURY TREE is playing a show at
rock 'n roll pizza at around 4:30 or five (July 1st)

its a battle of the bands, and um,
they really need people to show up

the company they are working with is
promising future paid gigs* if they just
bring in 30 people to this show tomorrow ... (now tonight)

so should you be available, and reside in the area,
come down to the rock n roll pizza and rock out.**

its $8.00 a ticket, payble directly to myself or one of the bandmates.***

thank you.

*this has yet to happen so far. its exciting.

**rock 'n roll pizza is ALL AGES with an onsite bar for those over 21.

***im being told the drummer is in charge of being outside
and collecting you fancy folks who come out without tickets.

(pee ess, it's in Portland.)

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