Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

eddie, look!

Coworker Yancey had his baby!!! 6 lbs, some odd ounces, 21 inches long. I'll bet he cried :D He'll be the best dad EVUR.

Dreamed that Jim from The Office had a crush on me, but he had a crush on his coworker more, and wanted to see if she liked him, first, and then if she didn't... I felt like crap at this, that I would allow myself to be used so cheaply, knowing that if she DID turn him down, I would still take him in. It turned out that they were just bestest of friends and never liked each other like that, and we hooked up.

(I find this odd, as I have only watched maybe three episodes of The Office ever, though I keep meaning to watch more of them. I even had to look up the name of the guy that had the crush on me in my dream.)

We were then moving and I had to clean out my room. I was sad that I hadn't taken advantage of the room while I had it, as it was the most beautiful room I had ever had. The walls were a stark blue with white trim. There were bulletin boards on the walls, and I had to pull down all the stuff I had pinned up, which was taking FOREVER. I yelled at myself for not taking care of things earlier, as I was now way behind. On my windowsill, I found two ziplock baggies: one had crusty water in it with about four or five goldfish that were about to die. I poured a ton of fish food in it, feeling bad about forgetting about them. In the other bag was various live reptiles, though small enough to fit into the baggie. There was an alligator, an iguana, and a white snake shaped like a tear drop, as if its belly was left out and it was just snout and tail end. I held it in my hand and felt it slithering around. I took it to my mom, letting it crawl from one hand to the other and over again. It started crawling faster, and I had to pay very close attention so that I didn't drop it and lose it. I saw its head turn into a hood (all cobra like) and was afraid it would bite, but it didn't... though whenever it crawled through the two middle fingers on my right hand, it hurt a lot. I remember being surprised that Mom wasn't afraid of it, either.
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