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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

You look just like in the storybook, but it's YOU!

LOLZ - in clicking to put Underworld: Evolution into my Netflix queue, (I just have a thing for Kate Beckensale. Mrowr!) it says:

Other movies you might like:

Van Helsing
Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Okeee... one of these things is not like the other....


Wore my old man dress pants to work last night, and was surprised with a truck of freight. Seeing as the pants let my legs breathe about as much as a garbage bag would, methinks I need to take a shower before going to bed for the day. Well, that - and the fact that my forearms look like I rolled in mud today, from carrying boxes upon boxes of EXTREMELY heavy file folders - five of the packs of one hundred manilla folders to a box, boy howdee.

At least since the box came a day earlier, I suddenly have the next two nights off, wee!


My body is changing, though I've been eating like a PIG. (or, should I say "like a bird" as they eat their body weight or more every day?) It's for the better, yes, and I've dropped four pounds or so total. (Making it a total of about 16 lbs since... um... April something.) I can.... for the first time in FOREVER, when I flex in the mirror, I can see a giant bicep pop up!!! I have muscles! I can also fit into a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in some time. Just imagine how much of The Sex I would be if I were eating correctly, too!!!


Speaking of not being The Sex, two nights ago, I woke up with AWESOME freaking hair. I had these emo bangs that swooshed down to my eyes, and fwippy ends everywhere else. Too bad I cannot HANDLE working with my hair in my eyes. A bit of lipstick, and I would have been MEROWR! (Run with me here...) Unfortunately, last night I woke up with...

Harry Potter hair. I looked like a 32 year old Harry Potter. (Well, maybe not 32 year old, as I frequently have people guess I'm about 24 years old, so...) That's what I get for going to bed with wet hair.


Playing FFXII again, I'm hanging out in the Tchita Uplands, about to go kill the mandragora... quints. Balthier is thee hott. It's finally been almost long enough since I saw the crocodile movie that was in theatres recently that had the guy that does his voice acting (badly) in it, so I am finally getting past seeing HIS face whenever Balthier talks. Yay. That was just too upsetting for words.

I still think it's funny that Basch and Bloo are done by the same guy, though no one else seems to find humor in this.


Because the hole in the fence near my work takes me to the bike trail along the freeway, thusly cutting my walk home nearly in half takes me through less travelled areas:

- BUNNAYS!!! I see many on my walk home daily. WEE!
- TRANSIENTS!!! About every other day, I find a guy wrapped in a blanket under a tree, surrounded by plastic bags with empty alcohol containers.

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