Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The best conversation EVER was had earlier today at work.

Ted and I are the ONLY people in the building for the majority of our shifts, so we've discussed all sorts of things from crusty curmudgeons to the evil that is George Lucas. He constantly goes on and on about how much he hated the Episodes I - III, and I told him one day that I feel he's really a closet Jar Jar fan.

Me: you go home and curl up to sleep on your JarJar pillow.
Ted: in my JarJar jammies.
Me: I really don't know what to do with all these shredders now that the display is gone.
Ted: we can move the plastic from up front and put them in the window like we had them last year.
Me: you're BRILLIANT! *in high pitched mockery of Ted* JarJar gave me the idea in a DREEEEAM!
Ted: He DID. He said, *high pitched whiny voice* Me-sa thinks you should putsa shredders in da window!

I laughed for an hour straight, give or take.

We also talked about movies we thought were FREAKING AWESOME as children, and how... much that changes once we watch them again as an adult. Case in point? I thought Night of the Comet was THEE COOLEST MOVIE when I was like... nine. That movie, and Grease II And Xanadu was so MAGICAL when I was... five. Same with Flash Gordon.

Today was Yancey's first day back after having the baby. I got to see all sorts of purdiful pictures of little Claire. Aww.

I think I'm getting Ah, My Goddess in the mail from Netflix today, one of the many Anime things I keep seeing around that I figured I should check out.

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