Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

What the deuce?

When I wake up at night to get ready for work, Loveline is on. I generally lay there for awhile, listening for a bit. For some reason, the last few nights, a neighboring radio talk station has been interfering, which has resulted in hearing things like this:

"I just ejaculated on Seth MacFarland!"
"I found the rock!"
"Why can't we get calls of 'my penis burns when I pee, and flames shot out of my ears!'?"
"and the rock is JESUS!"

I'm starvating at the moment, but I must leave in a couple few.

I actually heard the emergency broadcast system interrupt something and give directions in an emergency. Seems that there's massive thunderstorms happening in southern Portland, 60 mile an hour winds, giant lethal hail, and many many lightning touch downs.

Slept well for the first time in DAYS, except when I woke up at about 330 this afternoon with MASSIVE nausea and tummy cramps. I almost vomited, I did, and I'm not a thrower upper. Thankfully, a bowlfullapoo and a half hour later, I fell back into a fantastic sleep.

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