Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

They're all soggy, and oily, and they melt in your mouth....

I'm a cooking mutha this morning!

I .. never cook. I dont' have the attention span for it, you see... either I get too impatient and rip the food off the burner before it's done, or I forget about it (my attention span being like a gnat's on crack) and it burns.

But I have not one, but TWO things going on at the moment:

The first that will be inhaled will be a chinese type meal, I currently have seasoned tofu and mushrooms a stir frying, and a can of veggies (sprouts, celery, water chesnuts, etc) to toss in. Good thing I LOVE mushrooms, as the small crate I had purchased the other day needed to be cooked NOW, or it would have gone south, thusly, there's a TON of them in there.

The second is a vegetarian chili that I'm making with the second half of the brick of tofu. This will take all night and will be done a bit before I go to bed at noon.

Also, after the two Benedryl, the Nasacort, AND the Claritin, I'm still snuffly as hell, so maybe I should resign myself to having a head cold.


I also bring you an icon of a Simsponsed me, as made by the movie's website.

I really do need a haircut.

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