Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

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This week is royally kicking my ass for some reason. Maybe I'm actually coming down with a cold instead of it being my allergies just being angry. (I never really did COUGH with my allergies, which should be my first clue, really.)

Sorry to anyone and everyone that I have inadvertantly blown off this week. Sorry if this post has more typos and worse grammar than usual.

I'll be on graveyards for at least another two weeks, which I'm mostly okay with. For those of you that have ever worked graveyards extensively, what was it like for YOU?

Anyhoo... in two weeks, Manager Ted is taking a week's vacation, which means that they'll either have Liz work overnights with me that week, or if she can't due to her kids, then move me back to 4 am to noons.


They're playing The Cult's "Fire Woman" on VH1 Classic. I will ALWAYS think of being sick when I hear this song, as it was quite popular the summer I had chickenpox - when I was fourteen. FOURTEEN. I looked like my face was melting, it was so bad. Seriously - there was almost not a spot on my face that wasn't swollen and pus-filled. I had them on my lips. In my nose. UNDER MY EYELIDS. I would wake up each morning with my eyes welded shut with goo because of this. Oddly, I only had them down to my knees - below my knees, I had only one little one on my calf, and one little one on my foot. Thankfully, I didn't scar badly, though I wasn't nice to them - I have an outtie scar on my left shoulder, an innie on the back of my neck, and a third that.... well... let's just say that you'll never see it, unless you're VERY intimate with me.

I got my first chickenpox on July 2nd... two days later, I went down to the small lake in the middle of town (Sacajawea!) for the annual flee market thingie they have there. Yup, the sun made it SO much worse. Thankfully, I had checked a couple of books out from the Longview library, some young adult novel about dealing with a world after a nuclear holocaust (I was always obsessed with that as a teen) and Wishsong of Shannara. I had never read a fantasy novel in my life, and because of that book, that's the majority of what I read today.


Ate Target pizza at my brother's Target, and we did the thing where we ask someone which of us they think is older. They instantly said Jess, which is funny, as I'm six years older. Most people usually gage my age at about 24ish, which has been the overall guess for YEARS now. My brother's 26, so...? Shrug.

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