Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Get up, staaaand up.

*Ted's downstocking binders to make room for the 2" blue binders we keep getting in, though we have about six times more than we will EVER need*
Ted: I don't know what's with these two-inch blues!
Me: Sounds like a bad country-western song!
*five minutes later*
Me: HAW HAW, now that I've thought about it more, my joke was a lot more funny than I originally thought.

Went to work exhausted, as I couldn't sleep worth doo yesterday. The wind was blowing Pure Evil(tm) into my window, causing my allergies to strangle me repeatedly in my sleep. Shortly after I arrived at work, it turned out that Pure Evil(tm) was actually in my womb, clawing its way out of my uterus, via my abdomen. I spent the first 2 1/2 hours with goosebumps and severe nausea from the pain. Never has working freight been so.... strangulated.


Scenes from Patch Adams kept popping in my head very randomly at work on Saturday. I came home, and it was magically on tv. I had scenes from another movie pop randomly into my head, so I came home and looked for it. Nada. Granted, I have no idea what the movie WAS... I totally forgot once I walked in the door. Can't remember a plot line, or anything. Instead, I watched Hackers.

Reading the final Vanyel novel. GAY MAN SAVES THE WORLD!

Had to put someone on ignore for the first time ever in WoW yesterday. He was extremely vulgar. Yes, I'm a cute blood elf with sassy hair, but that gives you no right to tell me to go fuck your corpse friend, when I have never said word one to you, sir. (Actually, a Tauren offered me 3s to take off my clothes and dance for him, then he fell off the ship when it zoned into Ogrimmar. His lvl 5 crap friend sent me a tell "he died for you, now go fuck him, bitch." but in whatever the current leet speek trends are.) I responded with "lick poo, please." After a LONG time (I could hear the gears a-grinding) he said "take out the poo and make it u." I told him I would rather fuck a cactus, and put him on ignore. That ruined my game for the day, so I logged out and watched the Final Fantasy Retrospectives on gametrailers.com. I so cannot wait until next week, when they go over my favoritest, FFVI, which is the game that got me into gaming in the first place. (Well, other than Atari stuff, but it sounds better than saying "Frogger was mindblowing!")

And thank you all for filling out my poll yesterday. :)

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