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let's play an interactive game, shall we?

question of the day, for those who have worked in customer service of any kind:


my answers:

#1) being treated like i have an i.q. of a dead fish.

#2) people that constantly ask questions, and then interrupt you with another question before you get 4 words into the answer for the first question, and get irate because you haven't ANSWERED their questions.

#3) people that INSIST that THEY are your ONLY customer on the face of the planet, regardless as to the fact that you're chained to a headset in a call center that handles all American AND Canadian members.

I spoke to a lady this morning who called, interrupted me constantly, said she had been trying to get a hold of me for WEEEKS upon WEEEEKS (it had been two bleeping days), and please fax her blahdeeblah.

there were 3 of us here, in a department that normally has 12 people. naturally, i got stuck on the phone.

10 min. later, i'm paged to call the operator. it's Ros, and she's upset that she had to walk all the way down a hallway to wait for my fax, and where the hell was it? NATURALLY, any response i tried to give was constantly interrupted with how she was inconvenienced.

i'm wondering why i've been in customer service for *counts...* 11 years?!? gah! and the customers haven't improved from the ones i serviced at wendy's 11 years ago, although these customers are generally shelling out thousands, whereas wendys would be shocking if they broke $10.

anyhoo. i got distracted *ends rant*

now, YOU share YOUR customer service pet peeves. i know you have some.
Tags: customer service, pet peeves

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