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Everytime I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray...

Someone in InsaneJournal gave me a letter S for the following meme:

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favourite songs that begin with that letter.

1. Nickel Creek - Sabra Girl Such a simple, yet complex song, the harmonies and the intricate twinings of the guitar and mandolin? Sigh.

2. Lisa Loeb - Sandalwood One of my favoritest love songs evur.

3. Jellyfish - Sabrina, Paste, and Plato One of my all time favorite bands that I can go on about for ages. VERY poppy, and I love that they can pull it off live.

4. The Excentrics - Seen No Sun This album was in my cd player a lot back in '95 when I lived in Northern Virginia. They're now known as Getaway Car, I believe.

5. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band I tried to put things on here that most of you have probably never heard, but decided to add this one BECAUSE.

6. Marcy Playground - The Shadow of Seattle This cd will always remind me of driving around Tempe, Arizona, singing loudly along with my friend Peyton. I miss Peyton.

7. Sloan - She Says What She Means A play list by me wouldn't be a playlist by me without some Sloan.

8. Better Than Ezra - Sincerely, Me Again, wouldn't be a list by me if it didn't contain some Ezra, yo.

9. Electric Doormat - Skeleton in Silhouette My old band! Now known as The Mercury Tree, of course. You can even hear me singing "skeleton" repeatedly in the background :D I love to point out to people that 95% of this album was recorded by Lead Singer Ben all by his lonesome - all the songwriting, all the instruments, harmonies, arrangements - all in his bedroom.

10. Flickerstick - Smile A friend (Nicole!) slipped me their demo ages ago, and alas, it was stolen when my Jeep was broken into. Quite a bit later, I caught them on the Vh1 show "Bands on the Run" or something like that. I became emotionally vested, they ended up winning, and I bought their real album after that.

Honorable mention, just because the song always makes me smile:

Oh, and the leaves are already changing, which makes me HAAAPPPPEEEE! Autumn is my absolute favorite, and I will be able to bring out all the loverly scarves that mysoulhole made for me! And my bear hat. Or moogle hat. Whichever I feel like being on whatever certain day.

I feel beyond blessed with our weather - everyone not in the PNW seem to be suffering in triple digits, but we've had an extremely mild summer (knock on wood) It's been in the 70's the last week or two, only over 80 50% of the time, and only over 90 a handful. We did break a hunnerd, but that was only for a couple of days. The hot days we DID have, I slept through, as I'm on graveyards.
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