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Awful dreams...

I was in love with a man (whether or not he felt the same about me was a bit hazy) who was being accused of doing something Evil. (Whether or not he was acutally guilty was also hazy, but I believed in his innocence.) The townspeople wanted justice and chased us everywhere. When we got to the end of this road, we stopped running, as he decided to face the townspeople. I screamed in horror as I saw them coming up the hill with torches, as he was too beautiful and precious to me to be destroyed like that. He comforted me, saying that it wouldn't end like that, that there was a poisoned potion, you see. I screamed and cried and told him that he didn't have to do this, that we would prove his innocence! The potion came in two stages: he would drink one, I would drink the other. After 18 minutes, he would kiss me, making his potion complete. (I would be fine.) Before I could protest any more, he forced me to drink the liquid. I fell face down on the kitchen floor (we were in an open kitchen type thing, sort of like a gazebo that held a kitchen and den.) I started crying my entire SOUL out, but I couldn't move or do anything else, other than cry as I felt the cold, clammy linoleum under my cheek. He sat behind a desk and wrote for the full 18 minutes, a letter to me. He came to me then, and rolled me over, lifting me up a bit for the kiss.

I woke up, on the verge of tears.

I fell back asleep.

I can't remember what led up to this, but as I walked in somewhere, I was reminded that I had to participate in a singing contest. I was extremely upset about it, as I had woken up less than twenty minutes before, so I had "morning voice", and hadn't practiced in forever. Chris Isaak (sic) was currently on stage and singing, and I knew that the next person would be wonderful, as well, and that I would be after that. I sat down and pouted on the bleachers that had been set up for the audience, wracking my brain about what to sing. I saw a stack of karaoke books out on the floor, so I got up to get one. It suddenly seemed as I was in high school again, as some jocks sat down in my seat. I glared at them and walked to the middle front row, where there were several seats available. After a bit, someone two rows behind me starts pushing my head way over to the side with her folder, as if I'm in her way. I stay like that for a moment, until I realize that there is NO way I am in anyone's view. I sit back up, only to have the folder at the right side of my head again, pushing me over. I reach behind and grab it, and PULL. She starts shrieking at me, screaming at everyone that I had just pulled her hair, that I was such a bitch, will everyone look at what a bitch is sitting here? I start screaming in angry response, which does no good. It's suddenly my turn, and I went up on stage to sing the song I had chosen, only to wake up.

The song I chose?

This one, of course:

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