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Eh, I wouldn't count on it.

Yesterday was day four of HORRIBLE, AWFUL DREAMS. In this one, someone I cared about was acting like a bitch (long story), and I grabbed him as he turned away. He back handed me, so I punched him in the arm. He threw horrible, egotistical insults at me, we traded blows, I screamed at him repeatedly "DON'T MAKE ME HATE YOU!!!" I finally made him leave, telling I refuse to even look at him when he is acting like this. He left, leaving my brother and I stranded across town after dark, knowing we would have to walk home. The front door then broke, allowing Bacci to get out. Two large (like large dog size) cats came in, and she came back. They got in a horrible cat fight and I could do nothing about it. I told someone to just let them be, as my shoulders slumped in sad resignation, knowing that Bacci would most likely die.

Why on earth I was stranded across town from my home, yet still was in where I lived with my cat and roommates here is beyond me.

Anywell. Overnights fer sher next week, though... weird overnights. Instead of Midnight to 8 am, we're working 8 pm to 430 am. Sure, we still have tons of time to get everything accomplished when we're not open, but we're still open for the first hour of getting there, so we have to wear our idiotic superhero clothing (which is what I call my work uniform) for one hour, then change into something a bit more... comfortable to be moving freight, etc. in.


Kirk says we'll do my yearly review soonish, but that it's changed, so we're going to sit down as he does a managerial (?!?) review on me, since the new policy isn't out yet. That.... makes me nervous. I was so much more confident when I knew what I would be graded on, having been through it three times already.

Clocked out today and walked around the corner immediately afterwards to bump right into Andrea! Oh how I miss that girl. Best roommate ever. (Uh... okay, on equal roommate qualities with the current roommates, so no one's miffed.) Her, Baby Laurel, and I walked to the park next door to our apartments and played on the swings and in the grass.

Went to lunch with coworker Aimee a couple of days ago, with Andrea and her mother the day before. I ate said my goodbyes to sushi.

Speaking of, me-sa hungry.


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Aug. 25th, 2007 04:15 pm (UTC)
I totally get what you mean by dreaming you are across town, but you are still where you live. That happens to me in dreams all the time. And dog sized cats? That's fucking scary, seriously.
Sep. 9th, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
It never ceases to amaze me how our subconscious talks to us.

What is even more amazing is reading this now, a year later, when I am dealing with almost this very thing with the person that was in the dream, although I never in a million years thought that I would ever be in a situation like this with him.
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