Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

You thought my blog was juicy? Just wait until you see my VMA special.

Ted *over the radio at work*: Aubrey, did you see the schedule next week?
Me: Yup.
Ted: So you know that we’re back on 4 am to noons next week. One of those days, we will be going to a breakfast with management.
Me: .... Us We, or You We?
Ted: Yes, we will be going to breakfast, and I am not using the Royal We, I mean you and I and the rest of management.

.... unkay. I got a bit nervous as I chewed this over a bit. I guess that Store Manager Kirk learned something “fancy” about the future of OfficeMax and is OMGSOEXCITED and wants to take us all to breakfast next week to discuss it. No, I’m not management, but he wants me along anyway, as I “would benefit from a lot of what is said.” Shrug. Free breakfast and hang with the bigwigs? Sure, I’ll take it.

Got to build the Breast Cancer Awareness endcap at work this morning. It's a running inside joke between Ted and I, as the first time he talked about building it, he accidentally left out the word "cancer".

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