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Sort of dealing with the angry post at the beginning of my weekend, we have a leak under the kitchen sink, you see. I discovered it totally on accident at 4 in the morning. It had apparently been happening for some time, a fine mist spraying the wood under the sink. I pulled all the stuff out from underneath and turned off the water, which caused the pipes to sound as if they were going to explode. I couldn't get a hold of Jess or Dan, and didn't want to call the calvary (read: apartment management) at 4 am on a Saturday for a fine mist.

We have since sent them two "emergency pages" during realistic hours (granted, they're "closed" on the weekend, but someone should still have the pager.) to no avail. I sent the second one about an hour ago, after calling the office and leaving a message. We shall see how it goes. I would kind of like to go to sleep sometime soon, though I don't think that the office will open until after 11 am. (They sort of seem to make their own hours.) Meanwhile, the drip has gotten worse - we have a large bowl underneath that needs to be emptied about every 45 min. and are having to do dishes in the bathroom sink. The pipes have stopped honking horribly, thank goodness.

Yesterday, the pipes were so bad that they would let out a long, loud honnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk that would last about ten seconds, approximately once every other minute. This caused me to get almost zero sleep, as it causes the floor (and walls, and souls) to vibrate. I'm surprised that none of the other neighbors called to complain about it, really.

So, I had about five hours of very restless sleep yesterday, all filled with disturbing dreams. I'm quite tired now, though I would love to stay up until at least noon so that .. well, starting tomorrow, I work from 4 am to noon again, you see, and if I keep wanting to go to sleep at 8 am.... no bueno.

In addition to the last video I posted, I also watched these movies:

which has just about everyone on EARTH in it, and

erm, I mean:


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