Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i found out what my personal kryptonite is.

it's my heater.

i had my heat on for the first time this year two nights ago. every day before yesterday, sure, i was a little sluggish, yeah. but NOTHING like what i was experiencing the last two mornings.

the tv turns on. (yes, i've been sleeping on my couch. why, you ask? (everyone spits out an incredulous "whyyy?!?" when i say i've been sleeping on my couch.) the answer: i'm single and living alone and i can, that's why. so, THERE.) i sluggishly open one eye and set the tv to come on about a half hour later... and again... (i obviously set it very early just so i can do this).. when i'm in the last half hour of my being able to actually get ready for work, i turn it to vh1... and nod off... so i turn it to nick at night, and watch alex p. keaton through what looks like to be a foot of water. i finally start to wake up enough to constitute moving without sobbing.

the heater turns on again.

i..... cannot.... wake up......must keep... eyes.. open... (as they roll back in my head)... the heater turns off...

i slowly climb back up from oblivion...realizing that family ties is half over, and i MUST get out the door before bill cosby starts to parade all those kids in front of me, with all the darndest things they do say.

i come to work, no makeup. wrinkly business attire. hair scraped back in a mock ponytail that most likely isn't even close to centered.

i even still have those crusties in the corners of my eyes still. dare i test for the dried drool on the side of my mouth?

at least i brushed my teeth.

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