Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

1. Previous information through number three removed because it was NOT a name and password that was supposed to be passed out. Someone is having to PAY for us doing this meme, unkay?

4. Post the top ten results.

1. Makeup Artist
2. Drywaller
3. Plasterer
4. Massage Therapist
5. Physical Therapist
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Cable Installer and Repairer
8. Tilesetter
9. Kinesiologist
10. Audiologist
11. Special Effects Technician

.... The list cracks me up so very much, it does. I think makeup artist is one of the last things I ever thought of doing. My chosen future profession, nursing, wasn't until about number 18, and actor was before it. I could also NEVER be a Dental ANYthing, as I cannot handle spit. Seriously, it makes me gag. I can handle ANY bodily function or liquid except saliva. Freaking ew.

The breakfast was great fun, hilarity ensued with things like pecan syrup and the shopping cart driving incident. I also got paid for the whole thing, since it was a mandatory meeting. I also suddenly get tomorrow off, so I get to take a vacation day (!!!) so that I get my full 40 hours, AND I got to stay late to work on things that I haven't been able to touch in ages. Ah, the joys of being full time.

I return to work Sunday at two ay em.

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