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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Livestrong means ... running, even when it hurts.

As interviewed by i_beckygardens eons ago, but never answered:

1- What made you choose nursing as your career to be?

I have worked desk jobs my entire life, for the most part, until moving up here and being unable to find a job in any background that I had before. (I had worked in property management for years, at a law firm, and as a travel agent for years, so I was quite cocky about moving up here from Phoenix without landing a job first.) Five months later, I finally bit the bullet and applied to retail establishments. The only two places that I got interviews was Michael's and OfficeMax - ironically right next door to each other. They had both lost my application, you see, so when I called to check on the status of it, they just asked me if I had retail experience. Well, yes, I worked at Wal*Mart in the stationery department, ten years before! (Though I left out the ten years before part...) I had interviews the same day and was hired by both the same day. I eventually quit Michaels (cannot handle working for a manager with no sense of humor most of all, but the would also not give me more than 15 hours a week) and worked OfficeMax fullish time. After awhile, I realized how much more... FUN.. it was to be doing what I was doing instead of sitting behind a desk all day trying to sell people something. I then started to look around at possible careers doing sort of what I had in mind and fit the following thing: I could help people. The job would be in demand and I would almost never have to worry about not being employed after years of schooling. Good benefits. I could wear a uniform and thusly not have to pick out what to wear every day. - NURSING!

2- If electric doormat were "discovered" big time, would you choose to stay in school or pursue the music?

I guess that now that I am no longer with the band, this one would be difficult to answer ^_^ Though I keep saying that I plan on persuing a solo career, I have been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not it's something I REALLY WANT. I've never been a composer. I've never been a go-getter. Although it's something I've said I wanted for almost twenty years now (since age 13), do I really want it? Apparently not. This realization has sort of left me.. adrift. Part of the reason that I got such chills after looking up the lyrics I was singing in my dream the other night.

3- What's the number one attribute you look for in a Significant other?

Trust, I suppose. I have to feel comfortable with them physically and emotionally.

4- You've lived in a lot of places, what's your favorite?

Here, definitely. This is the first place that I have ever lived where I haven't felt as if I needed to work hard to fit in with everyone around me. Phoenix was filled with working jobs that wasn't me, to earn money that made me miserable, to live on the right side of town, to starve myself, to spend 2 1/2 hours a night at the gym. That isn't who I am. While I wish I was healthier, I'm so much more secure in who I am now than I ever have been anywhere else. Other than Phoenix, the other places I've lived (Minnesota, Virginia, etc.) I spent the majority of the time trying to figure out who I was - much as you do when you're 19/20.

5- paper or plastic?

I generally try to carry a canvas bag around with me and try to not buy more than will fit in it. As silly as it is with THAT, when I do buy more than that will fit, I get plastic, as it's a million times easier for me to carry since I'm always on foot. Occasionally, I'll get a paper bag for Bacci to play in.

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