Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Lacey!

Being beyond sick of radio stations and their repetition and awful commercials, we have been listening to my mp3 player whilst working overnights. Ted and I like the same general types of music, so I put stuff on there that I know we both like, plus Electric Doormat, Sloan, Jale, and other stuff that I know he won't know but that I can force feed him. If we have anyone join us, it's generally Liz, who likes hip hop but is able to put up with the majority of it. One morning, the store manager and other assistant (Kirk and Jason) came in to reset the printer aisles. I could tell that they didn't like all my choices, as... well, I didn't hear WHAT was said from where I was working, but from the inflection of the words and the laughter that followed afterwards, I could tell that they were most likely making fun of it. Granted, it was LOUD, so we could hear it all over the store, and I was a bit... embarassed when Better Than Ezra's "Pull" came on..

You subjugate me
Feel your pull
Fuck me up
I'm begging you please
We both want the same thing (sugar)(keep him busy)

Okay, yeah. Come witness me play a blantant sex song across all of OfficeMax in front of all THREE of my superior "officers".

Then on Saturday, Liz was with us again. During a Muse song, she said, "I'm sorry, I just can't handle this anymore, I have to change it." As she got to the mp3 player section and realized it was mine instead of the radio (how she would think otherwise, with no commercials or repetition), she said, "Um, you'll have to do it." I went to the displays and plugged in the radio, thinking that it was all my music that she hated. After the current song finished and they went to commercials...

Ted: (across the store) WHY ARE THERE COMMERCIALS?!?!?!!?!?!?
Me: Liz hates my music!

Well, that makes me feel better, thinking I was torturing him.

And no, Liz wasn't offended by that - we live for giving each other hell, we do.

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