Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I guess her ex bodyguard says he SAW her taking drugs...

...Bjork is one crazy lady, but in a fun way. Like, you would love to hang out with her in the right conditions, but wouldn't want to invite her to a formal dinner with family and friends. She's really enjoying herself on Conan and quite happy, so good for her. I would have loved to see any exchange between her and Conan backstage. He so should have interviewed her.

Couldn't sleep at all today. Started with a dog right outside my window (neighbor's) that was barking deep, low rarfs at dogs in the park behind our apartments. The owner was right there and urging him to be quiet. After the dog shut up, The Great Flea Invasion of 2007 began in earnest on my bed. The HELL?!?!? I think I was really only bit once or twice, but after that, every slight movement I THOUGHT I felt... I'm certain a lot of it was psychosematic. Or howeveryouspellit. Too sleepy to look it up. I FINALLY fell to sleep well after the sun went down, which would be fantastic for a normal person, but as my alarm goes off for me to get up to go to work at 11:30 pm...

Thank GOD it's Friday.

Dreamed dreams of The Apocolypse. Death would come in three waves: First, only one in every five, or one in every ten, fifteen, or twenty would survive the first onslaught, which was a nuclear war and the fallout afterwards. Wave Two would be a plague, from which only one in every five people would survive. Wave Three would be the riots that would raise up afterwards with evil trying to take the ruling position in the new world. They would eventually be defeated by Good, but in the process, only one in every three people would survive. I remember being different people during different parts of the dream - a hispanic girl of sixteen when the bombs dropped, a young twenties blonde woman with a man she had fallen in love with dealing with the fallout, a later twenties woman who was a witch, trying to use her powers to hide from a gang raid. (it didn't work, and she was killed.)
Tags: dreams, sleep

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