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Back from the dentist.

I was too much of a weenie and I kept FLAILING in the chair, so they decided to just do the two fillings I needed in the upper left and then schedule for a full "operation" - come in, put me under, do the other filling, pull wisdom teeth, do the deep gum cleaning (called "dental planing", apparently), and send me home drugged up for the day. I ended up having to get four shots to numb the two teeth enough - after the first two shots in my outer gum, I still felt it when he started drilling, so he gave me another in the outside, and one in the bridge.

Needless to say, I feel like I've been punched in the face but it hasn't started to hurt yet. I can't blink my left eye, and I feel like my left nostril is running terribly, not to mention that I feel like my upper lip is fifty times its normal size.

And I'm freezing.

My favorite part was where I felt like I had something on my lower lip, like a PIECE of something, and it was just my numb upper lip.

Wendel Dental is the chipperest place I think I've ever been.

I shall leave you now with a work quote.

Me: I'm going to lunch now. I ate Raisin Bran so I'm naturally starving already.
Ted: Aw, MAN! Raisin Bran is a TEASE.

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