Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I've been up for a half hour, and already I want to viciously stab the day with a dull knife.

I wake up super late, having only ten minutes to get outside to wait for my ride. I race in the bahtroom and wash my hair (we're throwing freight today, anyway, so I'll be sweaty stanky before i get home, so I bathe afterwards). I come downstairs and see the envelope on my chair that I used to turn in the rent checks, opened. I find a post it note attached to the checks saying that they cannot take two checks, that it has to be in one check or two money orders. Well, I remember when Andrea lived here, we had to do it that way, but my brother and I have been paying with seperate checks for the TWO YEARS he's lived here, and this was the first complaint. I also notice that it looks like she TAPED OUR FUCKING CHECKS TO THE FRONT DOOR in the open envelope. I'm glad we freaking got the things back.

I write a new check for the full amount and insert a note that says, "Sorry for the two checks. We've paid rent this way for over two years, with no problem. Paying with one check is EXTREMELY inconvenient for us, as our closest banks are quite far away and we are both pedestrians. We have automatic deposit for our checks because of this."

I stuff my feet in shoes and grab a muffin stolen from one of the roommates (I also woke up with a gigantic headache and so HUNGRY that I feel nauseated.) and go outside to drop the new rent check in the drop box and to wait for my ride. I stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes, muffin in hand, wondering where Ted is (as he's generally here by fifteen til, and I hadn't even gone outside until ten til) and check my phone. Three messages - one from Manager Jason saying that they're giving me the day off because the truck will be a day late, one from Ted stating the same and that he'll be here to pick me up at 345 Saturday morning, and one from my friend Joe in Texas. (Which helped, as I hadn't heard from him in forever.)

So, yeah. Some day off this is starting to be. Impromptu days off are supposed to be good, yes?

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