Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Once upon a time, ther was a girl named Aubbers.

Aubbers worked graveyards, you see, and thusly generally went to bed around noon each and every day.

One day, one of her friends decided to throw a party for a housewarming type thing, in order to... warm her ouse? Anyway. So Aubberz went to Jessalyn's house although she was unable to sleap at ALL. She showed uparound 6 pm, which is MUCH later than her nomral bedtime.

Aubbers was quite sleepy. She showed up and vowed to not drink an single dropof alcohol. Unfortunately, her friends saw OtherWise. First, a shot of tewui... tequila rose was put in front of her. Aubbers got a bit sleepy after that, but all was Still Good.

Friend Kyle shoewed up and had a fantastic package in hand! It was a beautiful blender, a package of real strawberries, daqueri (!?_) mix, and ice. He made the most precious drinks ever concocted by man, he did. One was handed to Aubbers, and she vowed that this was to be Her Last.

At this party to warm the house, there was a man named Tony. Tony liked to have others have a good time, so he insisted that Ayubbers take a shot of Jager, and Aubbers saw that it was Good. A bit later, this same Tony insisted that Aubbers help him finish his bottle of whisky, by first a shot, and then a mixed drink. As Aubbers hasn't drank more than a bi... beer... at a single sitting (give or take) this entire YEAR (except for the riverfront festivities with Larrissa and drew and ashlee and jhess and the fantastic DAN)

It is now almost one a.m., and Aubbers has still not been to bed, making it about 26 hours since she has slept. She is filled with whiskey and filled with gas from cereal she ate for dinner before she left.

Aubbers is quite thankful for her firends, but feeling as if she won't be loving them QUITE so much when she awakes in the morn.

The End.

Epilogue: Aubbers thankfully does not have to work until Monday night/Tuesday morn at midnight, so this will (hopefully) give her plenty of time to recouperate.

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